Drive A MaticDRIVE-A-MATIC CAR RENTALS are our transport partners for the Celtic Festival Barbados.

Drive-A-Matic Car Rentals in Barbados – you can reserve and pick up at the airport for your whole holiday, or have a car delivered to your hotel or apartment for a day or two – contact them on

It’s the largest fleet of rental cars, jeeps and vans island wide. Your rental car includes 24 hour emergency service, unlimited mileage, free and prompt delivery and collection island wide Barbados is a small island, only 21 miles long by 14 miles wide, but has one of the most dense road networks in the world!

There is a main highway network, and miles and miles of out of city roads to explore! Visitors must produce a valid driver’s licence in order to obtain a “Visitors Permit” which is usually issued by the car hire company or from the Barbados Licensing Authority, costing $10BDS and valid for 2months from date of issue. Petrol costs are similar to in the UK at present and the speed limit is 40Km/hr in the City and 60km out of town, with up to 80 km/hr on the Highway.


When you hear the honk of a car horn in Barbados, it can have a variety of meanings. It can be a warning. It can mean “HELLO” to a passing friend, excuse me, or “THANK YOU” –when you let someone out of a junction. And a return honk thank you back!

Hire Cars are easily identifiable, with the “H” on the number plates. If you are stopped reading a map, its not unusual for a local Bajan to stop and offer you help and directions. But equally sine you are easily identified as a visitor for the most part with the H, so always take care and keep your valuables locked away safely.

In Barbados we drive on the left as in the UK, and seat belts are compulsory.

This company is part of a bigger group of holiday product companies with service at its core. They have a fleet of luxury cars from Mercedes Avant Garde, through Suzuki Grand Vitara, the Toyota Voxy which carries up to 7 passengers down to the Suzuki Swift and Jimny Jeep.

Call them on 1 (246) 434 8440 to book your hire car, or email